Advasol Water Soluble Films

Discover new levels of convenience, safety, and stability in packaging applications

Heightened safety awareness, environmental concerns, and the need for improved efficiencies fuel the demand for water soluble film packaging. Today, you and your customers expect water soluble film to deliver convenience, reduction in overall packaging, precision dosing, controlled dissolution, and limit handler exposure. Advasol water soluble film delivers these benefits and more.

Advasol films are environmentally friendly, leaving no ecotoxic residue when decomposed. They capable of packaging a variety of chemicals, including products which were previously thought to be too aggressive for water soluble films. Advasol films enable you to achieve improved performance when compared to conventional polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) films, offering you the following distinct advantages:

  • Package concentrated liquids, powders, or tablet formulations without compromising user safety
  • Extended storage of moderate-to-strong harsh chemicals
  • Reduced distribution costs across your supply chain

Open new opportunities with Advasol Film

With its unparalleled performance characteristics, Advasol extends the range of potential applications for water soluble films, particularly those underserved by PVOH film. Markets that require stronger harsh chemicals can now turn to Advasol film to package their products safely.

Convenient packaging, pouching and customization

Advasol water soluble film is printable and heat sealable.  Our films can be used on conventional vertical and horizontal form, fill, and seal equipment, as well as thermoforming and rotary drum machines without compromising performance and packaging characteristics.


Advasol X-Series, our ‘extreme’ film, has been formulated to package harsh chemistries and concentrates, many of which were previously considered too aggressive for this dosing format.

Sample AdvasolTM X-Series


Our ‘specialty’ series, Advasol S-Series, is compatible with various combinations of ingredients. Multiple chemicals, pigments, fragrances, and other chemical blends can be safely packaged with S-Series film.

Sample AdvasolTM S-Series